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ADS7851: SPI Data Acquisition with Beaglebone Black

Part Number: ADS7851

Hello team,

I'm working on a design that utilizes the ADS7851 and Beaglebone Black for data acquisition. I'm a bit unfamiliar with SPI communication so I am a little confused on how to wire up these devices.

The ADS7851 has two SDO SPI outputs: SDO-B, SDO-A

and two SPI inputs: SCLK and CS 

The Beaglebone Black has two SPI intefaces on the expansion header:

####SPI0 :

  • CS0 : P9_17
  • MISO : P9_21
  • MOSI : P9_18
  • SCLK : P9_22

####SPI1 :

  • CS0 : P9_28
  • CS1 : P9_42
  • MISO : P9_29
  • MOSI : P9_30
  • SCLK : P9_31

Would it be okay to make these connections from the ADC7851 to the Beaglebone Black expansion header?:

SDO-A to P9_21  

SDO-B to P9_29

SCLK to P9_31

CS to P9_28