PLEASE READ FIRST: CCS Forum Usage Guidelines

Welcome to the Code Composer Studio (CCS) Forum!

This forum is for all public discussion related to the CCS GUI/Debugger, Emulation, and Simulation. General comments, feedback, and questions about CCS are welcome.

Note that the focus on this forum is the CCS (and related) tools. Any questions on specific code/project example that is not a tools specific question should be asked in the relevant device forum.

While CCS comes with TI compiler/linker (Code Generation Tools) and TI-RTOS kernel (DSP/BIOS, SYS/BIOS), both have their own dedicated forums and any discussion regarding them should be posted there:

NOTE: Versions of Code Composer Studio older than version 7 are NO LONGER FULLY SUPPORTED BY TI. You may still ask questions for older versions, but any bugs or enhancement requests will not be addressed with those older versions. Version 7.0 (and greater) have priority and it is recommended that existing users upgrade to at least v7 if possible.


When reporting a CCS issue in this forum, please follow these steps first:

  1. Update to the latest CCS version. If upgrading is not an option, please explain why.
  2. SEARCH the following resouces:
    1. CCS mediawiki
    2. CCS Troubleshooting Guide
    3. FAQs
    4. Search this forum

If none of the resources provide the answer you need, post a question with the following information:

  1. Version of the host OS (ex: Windows 7 64-bit, Service Pack 1)
  2. Provide exact version number of CCS
    1. For CCSv3 and earlier, see here for details on how to find the version number (ex:
    2. For CCSv4 and greater, select 'Help->About Code Composer Studio' to get the version number (ex.
  3. If applicable, exact device/board (include the board revision number) and emulator used (ex. F28M36 Concerto Control Card with on-board XDS100v2 emulator).
  4. A detailed and reproducible test case. Be as descriptive as possible. Providing an executable + project/source (if applicable and possible) is also very useful. If it is not feasible to attach the test case on the forum because of IP issues, state that a test case is available upon request if someone from TI wishes to contact you for it
  5. Diagnostic logs (if available):
    1. CCSv3: If CCS crashed, look for crash dump files (See mini-dump FAQ for more information)
    2. CCSv4 and greater: Provide the files described under 'Diagnostic Logs'

The more information you can provide, the better the chance we will be able to assist you in a timely fashion.

    If the issue is validated as a new bug by someone from TI, it will be filed and a bug number will be posted as a reply of the original post. That bug number can then be used to track the progress of it with the TI External Bug Tracking Site.

    It is very important to provide as much details about the issue to expedite analysis and resolution of the issue. A reproducible test case is, by far, the best information that can be given for this.

    When your post has been answered and the thread closed (whether by answer or by a posted bug number), please close the thread by selecting the post with the "answer" and using the green "Verify Answer" option.

    For more "best practices" when posting on the forum, see the below articles:


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    Q: How do I attach a file to my post?

    A: First enter the "rich" editor by selecting the "Use rich formatting" option in the lower right corner of the reply field.

    The "rich" editor will have many more formatting options, including an option to insert pictures/files:

    Note that not all file types are supported for attachment to a post. If you are having issues posting a particular file, try using a zip utility to zip up the file(s) and post the zip file. *.zip formats are accepted by the forum.

    Q: How do I start a private conversation?

    A: Click on the profile of the person you wish to start a conversation with and use the option to 'Connect -> Send a private message'. Depending on the privacy settings of the person, you may have to add them as a friend first before this option is available.


    Don't forget to verify answers to your forum questions by using the "Verify Answer" button.

    Did you read the CCS Forum Guidelines & FAQ? If not, PLEASE read it. If you haven't read it in awhile, please read it again to see if any updates were made.

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