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Welcome to the Code Composer Studio (CCS) Forum!

This forum is for all public discussion related to the CCS GUI/Debugger, TI Code Generation Tools (compiler, linker, assembler, etc), UniFlash, SysConfig/PinMux, GUI Composer, and TI Cloud tools. General comments, feedback, and questions about the above mentioned tools are welcome.

Note that the focus on this forum is the above mentioned tools. Any questions on specific code/project example that is not a tools specific question should be asked in the relevant device forum (examples from various SDKs and wares like MCU+ and SimpleLink SDKs, MSP430Ware, C2000Ware, etc for example). Also note that support for non-TI compilers (like GCC, IAR, ARM Ltd, etc) should also be asked in the relevant device forum.

Any questions regarding MATLAB and Simulink should be sent directly to the Mathworks support:

NOTE: Versions of Code Composer Studio older than version 12 have been deprecated in support. You may still ask questions for older versions, but any bugs or enhancement requests will not be addressed with those older versions. Version 12.x have priority and it is recommended that existing users upgrade to v12.x if possible.

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