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[FAQ] TINA/Spice/TINA-TI: TINA-TI floating point error while using capacitors

Hi all,

Thanks for the reply, it worked last time but now i cant figure out why the attached circuit cant be simulated and it shows some error which i cant figure out. it shows a node error between c1 and c2. please do let me know if there are any issues 

  • The node between C1 and C2 is floating when the simulator performs DC analysis. You need to provide it a path to Ground.

    You can refer to the following post for more details. You can provide the DC path explicitly or a simpler solution is to click on the capacitors and change the Rpar parameter from Infinite to 1G.


    Also, it would be great if you post your TSC files in the future. It will assist in the debugging. You can find the guidelines here: 

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