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DM8168 component video input capture using demo


I'm trying to evaluate the DM8168 video capabilities using OMX.
As a first goal i'd like to acquire some live video using an external source.

Correct me if i'm wrong but :
- The only way to capture video using the DM8168 EVM + daughter board is to feed the component video input (analog)
- SDTV mode (PAL or NTSC) is not supported
- HD modes only include 1080P60 / 1080I60 / 720P60

As a consequence i decided to use a Matrox video hardware with is capable to generate 720p@59,97fps and 1080p@29,97fps on a 3 channel analog component interface (YPrPb)
When using the capture_encode demo, here are the results :
A - 1080p@29,97fps
command line : capture_encode -o test.264 -m 720p -f 60 -b 1000000 -n 500
Result : image is captured properly during a few seconds and then it breaks during a few seconds... and captured properly again... some colors are sometimes inverted.

B - 1080p@29,97fps
command line : capture_encode -o test.264 -m 1080p -f 30 -b 1000000 -n 500
Result : nothing is captured, application hang just after having send the "EXECUTE" State on each omx component

Questions :

- Are 25 fps and 50fps mode well supported ?
- On what official standard do these "1080P60 / 1080I60 / 720P60" denominations relies (ITU BT ???)
- What about the required timings ? synchronization signals ?
- What is the impact of a invalid signal input on the acquisition pipeline (hardware --> HDVPSS --> OMX component)


Thanks for your precious help.



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