How to Interface My ZOOM OMAP L138 to a Camera for Capturing Video

High all,

I am a beginner with DSP and I was involved in a task to capture video using  ZOOM OMAP L138 & OV7670 CMOS Camera, and then store it to SD card.

Other features like fps rate, resolution and compression are not important for time being, and all I need for time being is capturing video and store it in the SD card.

So could you pls guide me to the starting point, since I am familiar with most of the programming languages and PIC32 and other micro-controllers but not DSPs  :)


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  • Hello, is there anyone here?

  • Fahad,

    What kind of help you are looking for? Do you need to understand how to do hardware interfacing or how to write the sensor and capture driver? Be very specific about the area which you are looking for help.


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    I have the same problem. I have to use ZOOM OMAP L138 & OV7670 CMOS Camera in my project, but I actually don't know how to do hardware interfacing. I know there is a vpif connector, but I don't have any idea how to connect camera to this socket. Any clue would be helpful.

    Regards, Mat

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    You can try the raw capture interface in VPIF to connect your sensor. You'll have to use HSYNC, VSYNC, CLK and data lines for your sensor.


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    Help for answer, I'll try it. But I have additional two problems:

    1. I can't find pin description of vpif, so I don't know to which pins of DF40C-100DP adapter I should attach my camera.

    2. When I tried to import the face detect demo program, I encounter an error:

    I don't know why this error is shown, because I don't change anything in the demo's folder.

    Any solution will be helpfull!


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    I have not tried the face detect demo myself. But it looks like a CCS project creation error. Can you try to go through the project files of the demo to see in which version of CCS its created. If its in CCS 3.3 or less you'll have to import the project to CCS v5. I guess that should solve your problems.

    You can get the complete documentation on L138 including VPIF from the following link.


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    Hi Renjith,

    Thanks for your answers. I have one more question. Do I have to use only these pins that you mentioned in the quote below, or everyone pin including SIO_C and SIO_D?

    Renjith Thomas

    (...) You'll have to use HSYNC, VSYNC, CLK and data lines for your sensor.

    This answer will be very helpful for me, because I don't know how to make serial connection between SCCB pins (SIO_C, SIO_D) with I2C pins from VPIF. Moreover, I have read somewhere, that in raw data capture it isn't necessary to use SCCB.

    Thanks for help!


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    From my experience there is not difference between I2C and SCCB. I really don't know why SCCB exists other than to save some royalty amounts probably.