DM8168EZ Software Developers GUIDE

I am having trouble with the EZ software Developers Guide Doc.   I have following the setup by step for hello world and nothing seems to be working.

I have run there this several times to see where I might have made a mistake and cannot find it.

After I run the script the terminal window is just none responsive and cannot continue with the setup by step guide.

One thing that is unclear is do I have to change the dip switches to boot the NFS on my host PC?  I also can’t find definably what the switch should be, from what I read they don’t have to be changed.

Also when you try to boot the NFS; is the SD card suppose to be in or out?  I have tried both with no success.

Thank you.

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  • Hi Jeffrey,

         The SD card is needed in the SD card slot if you want to boot with the u-boot and kernel image in the SD Card. If the u-boot images are in the SD card, ensure the switch settings of switch SW3  is set as:

                                                                        SW3      ----   BTM[4:0] ==> 10111

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  • In reply to Amarinder Bindra:

    That I know,  I am new to TI and Linux.   I trying following the hello world set by step in the Software developers guide.  It wants me to use NFS, are there different switch settings for this?.  Do I need the SD to boot the NFS?  If I boot with out the SD nothing happens?  if I boot with the SD it just boots the image on the SD card!

  • In reply to Jeffrey Dionne:


        There is no different switch settings for NFS. The SD card is needed if you are booting the u-boot and kernel image from SD card. For NFS, you need to ensure the filesystem is on your host.

    The script "" sets the environment by asking about the environment for the filesystem and image you want to set. The environment parameters i.e bootargs and other settings are generated by this script which you need to set on the board when the script asks you to run the minicom setup script. For the environment settings to be saved ensure that the NAND Switch (SW4) is in ON position before power cycling it  and then again boot the board with the changed settings.

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