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SN65DP141: SN65DP141

Part Number: SN65DP141


We are planning to use SN65DP141 in one of our projects. Earlier, we used a similar product TUSB1044 in our designs and found to have good SI performance. I would like to know if SN65DP141 has same SI performance as TUSB1044. If possible, could you share us the SI performance report for SN65DP141.

Also, it would be great if you could suggest us which of the above ICs can give better DisplayPort redriver performance.

  • Hi Seshu,

    We don't have signal integrity performance reports, in the datasheet of our devices you can find EQ, jitter, skew parameters.
    For DP1.3/1.4 we have DP141 and TUSB546-DCI, both of them are linear redrivers.

    DP141 has plenty of EQ configurations; TUSB546 has several EQ steps too monitors AUX channel to save power.
    Review the specs of this devices and determine which device meets your application needs.