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DP83848I: Migrating from TLK110 to DP83848

Part Number: DP83848I


Do we have any migration guide on TLK110 to DP83848.

Because of some issues we are planning to replace TLK110 PHY with DP83848.
It is mentioned that DP83848 is functionally equivalent device to TLK110 and
is pin to pin compatible if we don't use SW_Strap.

We would like to know is it easy to replace TLK110 with DP83848 with respect
to Software perspective? Does the same software work?
Please let us know what registers need to be considered when migrating to DP83848.
If necessary I can send you the current driver software.

Best Regards

  • Hi Kummi,

    2 major topics to consider when looking at SW compatibility between PHYs:

    1. PHY ID is sometimes used to validate the presence and model of a PHY. That PHY ID is in register 0x2 and 0x3 for all IEEE 802.3 PHYs, and it is different between all models.
    2. Any register addresses above 0x15 are not defined by IEEE and will be different between PHYs.
    a. Comparing TLK110 to DP83848 shows that register 0x0 to 0x7 are the same.
    Register 0x8 and 0x9 are in TLK110 but not in DP83848
    Register 0x10 is the same
    Register 0x11 is different
    Register 0x12 to 0x15 are the same
    All register above 0x15 are different between TLK110 and DP83848

    Your TLK110 driver, where it accesses registers that are not the same, should be modified.

    Best Regards,

    Rob Rodrigues

    EFL (Ethernet & FPD Link) Applications Engineer

  • In reply to Rob Rodrigues:

    Hi Rob,

    Thank you very much for the information.

    We thought DP83848's CLK_OUT feature could be used to provide RMII_REFCLK for the MAC.
    But came to know CLK_OUT clock is not suitable for the RMII communication.

    Actually our customer's application was designed on 2012,
    we didn't had any information about TLK110's CLK_OUT issue during that time,
    so CLK_OUT was connected to the RMII_REFCLK. Now it is difficult to modify the connection.

    Do we have any other PHY option that could replace TLK110 and which has CLK_OUT feature?

    Currently our customer's application has issues with TLK110(mentioned below)
    and we are looking for the options to replace the PHY or any software solution.

    Best Regards