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DS90UB960-Q1: Outline printed text in ALP scripting

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Part Number: DS90UB960-Q1


for testing and evaluating of systems based of e.g. DS90UB960 we use python scripts in the ALP GUI.

In order to stress wrong or unexpected results such as 

print ("-> Bit [1] is high: i.e. -> Back Channel CRC error detected!")

it would be preferrably to make the printed text bold or red colored ...

How to use format items in ALP?



  • Torsten,

    The ALP Scripting Tab is a developer's interface that makes it easy for user to interact with the builtin python interpreter. It does not have support for formatting. Sorry.



  • In reply to Vishy Viswanathan:

    Hi Vishy,

    thanks for your answer.

    It's a pity that there is not a single possibility to stress or outline a comment in case of error or exception (within a python script such a B.I.S.T. or so on).

    It could be helpful.