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TVS3300: Using TVS3300 for 10/350us surge protection applications

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Part Number: TVS3300


We see that TVS3300 is used for 8/20us surge protection application. We have requirement to protect circuit from 10/350us surge. 

To know 10/350us surge, Please refer ntsa.co.za/.../

in this regard, my queries are

1. Can TVS3300 support this 10/350 surge current?. 

2. As TVS3300 supports max 35A current, can we keep 3 numbers of TVS3300 in parallel in the circuit such that it supports 35A*3=105A?.

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  • Hi Prabhakar,

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    The TVS3300 was not tested per the 10/350 us surge pulse you mention, so we have no data onto the amount of current it can withstand. The standards it was tested against were the IEC 61000-4-5 (8/20 us), and the IEC 61643-321 (10/1000 us). As you can see the IEC 61643-321 is a pulse with a longer duration than the 10/350 us second pulse you described. The TVS3300 will be able to support the 10/350us pulse, but the drawback is that the current rating will go down. Against the 8/20us pulse the TVS3300 can withstand up 35A while for the 10/1000 pulse it is only rated for up to 4A.

    Placing these devices in parallel is not recommended as one of the devices might end up receiving most of the energy during the transient event. This will cause the device to get stressed over its limits and cause failures immediately or over time depending on the magnitude of the strike.

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    Andy Robles

  • In reply to Andy Robles:

    Hi Andy Robles,

    Thanks for your detailed information which clarifies my queries. 

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