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TPIC8101: question about knock sensor

Part Number: TPIC8101


I want to use the TPIC8101, a knock sensor.

In the block diagram below, the XIN input signal is received from the external microprocessor,
1. I would like to know what to do when designing with OSC or XTAL input.
2. What signal should be sent to TPIC8101 when implementing microprocessor interface?



  • TS,

    You should be able to use an oscillator/xtal instead of supplying the XIN/XOUT directly from the microprocessor. The recommended configuration will be shown in oscillator's datasheet.

    Historically, I know that this part has been used with 20 Ohm ESR/30pF and 80 Ohm/20pF crystals. There could be issues if using a much higher ESR crystal.

    At a minimum, you need the following signals connected to the MCU: CS, SCLK, SDI, SDO, INT/HOLD. OUT is not needed if you are reading the TPIC8101 output over SPI.