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TS5USBA224: clock generated internally?

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Part Number: TS5USBA224


Is the clock generated internally in the TS5USBA224?
Is there a possibility of becoming a noise source giving RF sensitivity suppression?

In the customer, when using a USB/Audio SW IC of competitor , there is a charge pump and ring oscillator inside the IC, and the sensitivity suppression has occurred in the DTV band due to the influence.
They would like to confirm that there are concerns.

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    Hi Again,

    I would like to know whether there is internal oscillator in the device.
    Does the device have internal oscillator ?
    If yes, please let me know the frequency of the internal oscillator.

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    There is no internal oscillator.

    Is Customer having EMI issues? If so, do they think this device is causing the EMI issues? How did they come to that conclusion?


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    Hello Elias san,

    Thank you for the reply.
    They will evaluate on their test board in June.
    Thus, there is no EMI issue light now.
    This question is for deciding the layout of the parts. If there is the oscillator , they may put the device in the shield.

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