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TPS2546EVM-064: TPS2546 CDP Mode @ stand alone Mode

Part Number: TPS2546EVM-064

Hi Team,

We connected the Vuzix M300 to the TPS 2546 evalkit.
Power Supply connected to 5V, EN Jumper is plugged in (TPS is disable)
Ctrl1 to 3 no Jumper plugged in (@ Datasheet Table 3 CDP Mode)
After startup the Vuzix we enable the TPS via Jumper. We get this D/N and D/P Signals.
The D/N Signal after startup is alwalys high and the handshake isn´t well done.
We use it in a stand alone operation.
The DM-OUT ist always low.
What do we wrong?
Later we would like to use a STM32F205 MCU.The STM only Support SDP (500mA) USB 2.0. Is it possible to charge with the TPS2546 in CDP with 1500mA in this configuration? 
The Support from Vuzix tell us: Regarding the battery question, the quick answer
is that the M300 can support SDP, CDP and DCP.
Many Thanks.
Thorsten Bursche