SN74LVC126A / SN74LVC244APW 25MHz clock level conversion

I would like to use the TI SN74LVC126A and SN74LVC244APW as a level converter for an 25MHz oscillator clock signal (from 3V3 logic to 1V8 logic). Therefore I would like to know the maximum rise/fall time (or slew rates) of the driver in this buffer. Also we would like to know the contribution of jitter by this device to the clock.

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  • This part can be used as a tranlastor and should work fine at 25Mhz depending on the load. The output slew rates will also depend on the load. With a cmos load 5 to 10Pf the slew should be about 4ns for a single switch. jitter should be less than 20ps typ.