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CD4093B: Verifying Obsolescence of TI Part

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Part Number: CD4093B


In our company, it has come to my attention that this part is reaching EOL. I need to verify this before going forward with replacing it. I contacted two different TI representatives to try and determine this. They referred me to the E2E community. We use this part as bare die. Here is a summary of my questions:

1. Is CD4093B going EOL or NRND? in other words is it becoming obsolete? where can I find an updated list of soon-to-be obsolete TI parts?

2. In our internal assembly drawings, I see that this part is used in bare die form. One of the TI employees told me that you would not be able to sell the part in die form. Can anyone elaborate on this, given that I'm clearly seeing the part is in die form in our intenral docs?

3. What is the recommended replacement for this part?

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  • Hi Arrian,

    1. We have no plans of EOL or NRND of this part or product family. The CD4k is the only logic family that supports up to 20V logic. TI makes an effort to not obsolete products out of convenience. Convenience means a low running device, poor yields, limited customer adoption or similar items. TI’s obsolescence withdrawal schedule provides a longer lead time than the industry standard. TI allows 12 months for the last order and an additional six months to take final delivery of obsolete items.

    2. Can you let me know what year this part was purchased in the bare die form? This originally used to be a Harris part that was later acquired by TI. This product is not available to be sold in the bare die form. 

    3. I would need to know what voltage you are operating at? If you are operating under 5V, I can recommend the SN74HCS02.