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SN74LVC1G386: About output type(push-pull or open-drain?)

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Part Number: SN74LVC1G386


Regarding to output type on SN74LVC1G386, my customer is asking a question.


・According to web page, output type is push-pull,

but according to data sheet page 6 (note E), this device has open-drain outputs.


Which is correct? (push-pull or open-drain?)




  • This device has push/pull outputs.

    Figure 1 on page 6 shows the test conditions for measuring tPZL/tPLZ/tPHZ/tPZH. The "Z" indicates the high-impedance state, which this device does not have (it does not even have an enable pin).

    See note H: "All parameters and waveforms are not applicable to all devices." But it appears figure 1 was copy-pasted into this datasheet even though it is not applicable. Forget about figure 1, and look only at figure 2.

  • Tao,

    Yes, the device has pushpull outputs as Clemens rightly suggested (as always :)). 



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