Power supply and USB interface circuit diagram


I am currently working on MSP430F6636 controller. I tried searching the application notes for power supply and USB interface schematics but couldn't find them. I have the 3.3 V voltage regulators and its corresponding circuit diagram. I just need the circuit diagram for interfacing the regulated outputs to DVCC and VCORE pins. I am not sure about the values of decoupling capacitors to be used on the controller side. Also do I need to place any capacitors in parallel with the external crystal oscillator (32kHz).  Also could you please provide me the circuit diagram of the USB interface for programming the device.

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  • I'm not familiar with the MSP430F6636 device sidd52595, but some of the information you want might be provided by downloading the use's guide for the TI "Launchpad" evaluation board (or even better, a user's guide for your specific device).   This will contain a schematic that will at least get you started!