MOD-PULSE HR and oximetry measurement precision

We're using the TI MSP430 pulse oximetry design proposed by TI in the following application notes SLAA274B / SLAA458.

We'd like to have a reference of the measurement precision, for both, HR (bpm) and oximetry (%), when using this solution. It is to say, using the Olimex MOD-PULSE evaluation board and it's original Software.   (HW: MOD-PULSE - SW:. MOD-PULSE Demo Software )



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  • Georgina,

    The pulse/oximeter design you are referencing (SLAA274, SLAA458), along with the Olimex MOD-PULSE board, are intended to be example projects. The purpose of the example project is to provide an example on how to complete the task, and not to provide a finalized solution.  It is up to you to use the example project as a foundation to design and build a solution around.

    TI has not performed any type of accuracy testing and we currently have no plans to do so in the future.


  • In reply to Mike Pridgen:


    From the previous post, Mike is absolutely correct.  I would just like to add that our customer base actively looks at example projects such as this one (SPO2) but as Mike said, in general these are for reference and demonstration purposes only and not intended to be used in a final design or design concept without necessary qualification and development. 

    Most of our customers that actively evaluate this SPO2 solution, for instance, have medical design experience and often even have the necessary IP developed (algorithms) specifically for SPO2 measurements.  I believe there are also examples of 3rd party medical partners who have taken the TI reference designs and 'productized' them to even make them available to others.  That may be a channel to investigate, if you are looking for a pre-qualified, canned solution.

    Regardless, let us know if you need further clarification and thanks as always for your continued interest in Texas Instruments.