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Sorry for reopening this answered topic.

I could not get the TUSB3410 driver to work with the Launchpad on Mac OS X. I recompiled the driver with the correct product/vendor/bcddevice ID.

Using the USB prober tool from Apple, I saw that the system looked up com.ti.VCPSerial and found that all 3 IDs matched. The final score was 100000 with a wildcard of 0.

In the debug version of the driver, I saw a lot of "timing out" messages - in the end, the tty ports were not created. For reference, the Launchpad's FET430UIF has a device id of 62514 and a bcddevice of 256, with only 1 bcdconfiguration.

Please help me with this if possible.



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  • The TUSB3410 on the launchpad (and also the EZ430-RF2500 and Chronos) does not contain a "normal" serial port of the sort that the TI-distributed VSP driver uses (and is used on the EZ430-F2013)  It has custom software that implements a HID device for use bye spybiwire, and a CDC ACM serial port for the serial port (which is not done in a way that the Mac seems to like.)  You should be able to get debug/load working by following the instructions on the mspdebug site ( ), but I think the serial port is still an unsolved mystery.

    I'm looking forward to the day when that whole rather kludegy USB/JTAG interface is replaced with one of the new USB-capable MSP430 cpus.  But I'm not holding my breath.


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    sad to say, but there is NO official Apple OS X support for any MSP430 tool at the moment. Look at ; there is a link which will give you some (unsupported info) how to set up a GCC toolchain on OS X (


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    Thanks for the info, westfw and BUGS. Special thanks to westfw for the codeless kext which got the HID interface working.

    I really did try by modifying Apple's USBCDC.kext to include the product/vendor ID for the launchpad (since other devices like the Sharp Zaurus which expose a CDC/ACM are listed there), but still no luck. Looks like I have to use Linux for non code limited usage. 



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    As an aside, I was trying to use the TUSB3410 driver by Dan. I am getting timeout issues, which probably means an unsupported chipset/firmware.


    I noticed some firmware images in the FWImages directory in the driver sources - Is it wise to either use the 3410 image provided to flash the launchpad or dump the launchpad's firmware and recompile the driver? Has anyone tried that?