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OMAP 4430 WinEC7 RNDIS USB Driver

Hi All,

While implementing KITL we are implementing through USB RNDIS.

So when I am connecting the USB cable from Board(Development) to Host(Desktop) then it is showing the device details and all but when we are checking it into device manager its showing that driver is not installed for that.

So whether do we need any host side driver for that if yes so from where we can get it.

  • I don't have much information about what configuration your device-host are using, or if you are using Android or one of the OSes mentioned in omapedia.org, it is not specified in your post, but, you could try next link information, it has some links to some drivers to try.



    in one of the other possible cases where you were developing a WinCE board and it is not a standard device configuration you will need to create your own driver to support your device, try to check what values are stored in OMAP USB configuration for vendor and product IDs, I am not so sure but USN RNDIS should provide some functions to set these values when initializing the device and this must match with the values used in the drivers you design to be used by host PC, in case they are not for a standard device.

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