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Just realized I've only posted here once in the last year(!).  I'll justify it by saying "we've been really busy"...  you buy it?  Nah, mom doesn't either when I forget to call.

FWIW, it's true.  The team's been adding support for the DM814X and DM816X devices - and more.  But the big distraction... er... "news" is that SysLink, the center of our heterogenous multicore SW stack, has been added to the CE&F team!  It's always been a close friend, but over the last 6 months it's moved in and now shares the fridge with XDAIS, Framework Components and our other friends.

We just released SysLink 2.10 last week, just in time for Thanksgiving.  So with any luck, things will get back to "normal" and I'll find some time to blog.  And the good news is that you should start seeing some posts on SysLink now, too!