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Hello World!

For a while, I've intended to get a blog started and I guess I finally greased the right palms to make it happen.

The goal behind this blog is to provide even more accessibility to me and the internal dev team(s), as well as give us an extra channel to spill information about what we've been working on, issues we're finding (and hopefully solving!), and other tips and tricks related to working with and around the products surrounding the Codec Engine (CE).  No marketing, just good technical discussion on issues we all have using CE.

The title of this blog is "Codec Engine and Friends" as we intend to discuss issues beyond just CE.  I expect there to be posts on the software stacks both above and below CE, including DVSDKs, Framework Components, XDAIS, codec integration, general resource management, OS-specific details, and others.  But my area of expertise is Codec Engine, so he gets top billing.  :)

I'll post every now and then as I find (or author!) interesting wiki articles, identify new ways customers are using CE (and friends!), and look at implementing new features.  I'll post when new releases come available, and potentially as new features are requested.  I'm hoping you'll chime with your feedback as well; I'm optimistic that this will be a two way street and I'll get something out of this too!