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A new release of Codec Engine is now available -  This release introduces updates to the GenCodecPkg and GenServer wizards, as well as a pretty cool new feature - Runtime Config!  The XDC config step you know and love(?) is now optionalThere's a new article we put together to describe the Runtime Config feature in all its gory detail.

Internally, we initially called this feature "no config", but that wasn't really accurate.  We're not changing anything fundamental; there's still "config" going on, it's just that most of it is done using traditional mechanisms like well-named C data structures and library names rather than using the [extremely powerful and extremely complex!] XDC tools.  Users of this Runtime Config feature will still have their own unique challenges, but we've tried to think ahead and do our best to future proof it.

If you're a fan or current user of XDC config, don't worry, that feature is still supported, and there's no plans to remove it.

The updated releases are available here - note that XDAIS was updated as well as much the Codec Engine-independent GenCodecPkg code is managed within the XDAIS product:
Please review the "What's New" section in the release notes for the change log for this, and previous releases.

Reminder, these and other software products are available at the SDO Target Content download site: