Every year, we bring some of our best and most innovative technologies to CES in Las Vegas, this year was the same.

In the Consumer & Computing Interface space we had five live demos. 

To start we highlighted the industry’s only end–to–end SuperSpeed USB 3.0 portfolio utilizing customer products that feature our host controller (TUSB7320), hub (TUSB8040), peripheral (TUSB9261), and discrete transceiver (TUSB1310A) in addition to the related USB power management and ESD protection.  ECN Magazine featured this demo in their CES 2012 Videos - watch it here..  We also demonstrated the benefits of our SN65LVPE502CP in cleaning up signal quality challenges presented by USB 3.0.

In the DisplayPort area, we also demonstrated our DP1.2 signal conditioning capabilities (SN75DP126 & SN75DP130) as well as our DP FET switch (HD3SS212) for enabling switched graphics.

We highlighted multiple tablets and eReaders that feature our panel SN75LVDS83B Flatlink™ serializer. We also demonstrated our our sub-LVDS (SN65LVDS301 & SN65LVDS302 serializer/deserializer pair) drive strength capability by extending the panel over over 5 feet from the source.  ECN Magazine also covered this - see the video here.

Of course the thing we all look forward to at CES is what the new hot thing will be.   At CES 2010, it was tablets.  last year it was 3D TV.  This year, I'll have to say I was slightly disappointed in that there really wasn't any new "hot" item.  3D TVs were everywhere - LG has a football sized room to show them off, as did all of the other big guys.  Everyone also featured their latest in tablets and UltraBooks.  

My take away from CES 2012 was not hot new hardware, but Apps everywhere on every appliance!

From a personal Wow factor, one item that caught my eye was a company called Cubify with their Cube, 3D Create at Home Printer.  As I told my wife, not sure what I would do with one at home, but boy it had the cool factor!  One of my co-workers wants to pool our money and buy one after seeing it!  I can see some great uses for the technology in SOHO Design Houses for prototyping!

What did you see at CES 2012 that wowed you and what do you think the hot technology will be this year?