Other Parts Discussed in Post: MSP430F6736

If you’ve been shopping around our e-Store lately and noticed something different – it’s probably because the first MSP430 MCU-based metering evaluation module (EVM) is now available directly from Texas Instruments! This is great news for you, because you can now easily purchase the 1-phase MSP430F6736 metrology EVM and start developing accurate smart metering products quickly and easily.

This is just TI’s latest step in demonstrating its commitment to advancing the efficiency of utility metering. We first introduced the MSP430F6736 energy meter integrated circuits (ICs) to deliver industry-leading accuracy, flexibility, robustness and system cost savings for 1-phase e-meter solutions. The EVM now lets developers like you easily see how the MSP430F673x family of energy meter ICs combines the lowest power, most advanced metrology and clocking functionalities for high precision and robust electricity measurements design. The new energy meter ICs offer developers more flexibility in electricity metering and energy monitoring applications.

You’ll definitely see more TI Smart Grid solutions on the eStore in the future. We always like hearing what our customers have to say about our products, and many of those customers said they wanted an easier way to buy TI’s Smart Grid evaluation kits. We will still continue to sell our evaluation kits via authorized distributors and TI’s sales team, but we recommend checking out the TI eStore the next time you’re interested in evaluating a TI Smart Grid solution.

If you’d like to see more information about this new tool, check out the product page; otherwise, head over to the TI eStore and purchase one of these kits for yourself!

Let us know about your eStore ordering experience – and please share your feedback with us. Your ideas may make it on the TI eStore someday soon!