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LM2901AV: Comparator selection

Part Number: LM2901AV
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TL331, LM397, LM2901, LM2903, LM393A, LM293A

Dear Team,

We are using comparator of part LM2901AVQPWR in our design.

The above comparator is 4 channel, we need similar comparator with 2 and 1 channels.

Please suggest us the best suitable comparators with similar characteristics as LM2901AVQPWR.



  • Hello Nibin,

    The LM2903AV is the dual version, and the TL331 or LM397 is the single version.

    The LM2903AVQPWR is the dual version.

    The single is the TL331 or LM397, though the offset specs are a little worse.

  • Dear Paul Grohe,

    Thank you for quick response.

    The LM2903VQDR part seems to be okay.
    Please let us know whether we can use this part.

  • Hi Nibin,

    You originally requested the LM2901AVQPWR - which is the "V" (30 V) and "A" (2mV offset) options.

    The LM2903VQDR is not the "A" version, so the offset voltage is higher (7mV). As long as you are okay with the higher offset, you can use it.
  • Dear Paul Grohe,

    Thank you for the update.

    Now I understand on the difference. We need offset of 2mV itself but the above suggested (2 and 1 channel) parts seems to be of higher cost compared to 4 channel buffer.

    Can you suggest lower cost comparator with same spec as LM2901AVQPWR.



  • Hello Nibin,

    "Cost" will depend on the temp range and offset. The more "features" you want, the more cost. Offset and temp range are "features".

    The LMx93/LM2903/LM2901 family is already the lowest cost family.

    The LM2901AVQPWR is the lowest cost 2mV quad - so you already have the lowest cost quad.

    The lowest cost "A' (2mV) version is the LM393A dual, but the temp range is only 0 to 70.

    The next lowest cost is the LM293A, but with the -25 to 85 temp range.

    If you need the full -40 to 125 temp range, then the LM2903AV is your lowest cost option.

    The duals actually have a slightly lower cost per channel, mainly due to popularity and pricing pressures.