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LM1876: GND at +12V?

Part Number: LM1876

I want to drive a set of voice coil motors in both forward and reverse directions but don't want to deal with a whole separate -12V rail. 

Can I just use it as shown in Figure 2 in the datasheet, but with VCC at +24V, VEE at 0V, and GND at +12V? 

  • Hi Henry

        If you only look at our device, it maybe able to work. But you need the whole system to work together. Our device's GND pin need to connect directly with your PCB's GND, can you set the whole PCB GND to +12V? Also there's input signal need to send to our device, these signal also reference to GND pin, can you also make the input signal reference to +12V instead of 0V?

  • Yeah the LM1876 will have its own "ground" set to 12V. Signal will be 0-24V where 0-12V will be "reverse direction" and 12-24V will be "forward direction" for the motors. 

    I guess if I just look at the LM1876, it won't really care what voltage ground is at. Maybe I'm just overthinking this. I'm essentially just shifting everything by +12V so that VEE, which is original at -12V, is now at 0V. 

  • Hi Henry

        Yes, if you do that, it means you shift everything in your system. If it really helps, you can have a try.