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LMK5C33216: Current by pin

Part Number: LMK5C33216


Do you have data for the expected current (even in the CFG1 from the datasheet) for the VDD_DIG, VDD_APLL1_XO, VDD_APlL2, VDD_APLL3, VDD_IN0, VDD_IN1, AND THE VDDO PINS?  Table 7.5 gives total supply current.  I'd like to know the breakdown between different supply pins.



  • Hello Jon,

    I'll update you tomorrow with this info.


  • Hello Jon,

    Sorry for the delay - this is not perfect as I don't have the exact details, but should give you some guidance.

    VDD_IN1 and VDD_IN0 tend to be low, less than 10 mA
    VDD_DIG dends to be around 33 mA.
    VDD_APLL1_XO around 175 mA  (APLL1 = 54 mA, DPLL1 = 60 mA)
    VDD_APLL2 around 220 mA  (APLL2 = 109 mA, DPLL2 = 53 mA)
    VDD_APLL3 around 170 mA  (APLL3 = 72 mA, DPLL3 = 50 mA)
     For APLLx...
       Post dividers ~20 mA.
       Buffers driving clock groups ~2 mA

    VDDO depend on the number of outputs turned on dividers etc associated with that output.
     20 mA for CH divider
    For outputs not on 2/3/14/15: about 10 mA base each. (base == LVDS AMP=0)
    For outputs on 2/3/14/15: about 18 mA base each.
      for LVDS AMP3: +3.5 mA
      for HSDS Boost=0, AMP0: +1.2 mA
      for HSDS Boost=0, AMP3: +6.7 mA
      for HSDS Boost=1, AMP0: +5.5 mA
      for HSDS Boost=1, AMP3: +10.7 mA

    I sorry I don't have the exact use case details, but this will give you some ballparks... for are some example VDDO supplies.
      VDDO_0_1: 58 mA
      VDDO_2_3: 77 mA
      VDDO_4_TO_7: 122 mA
      VDDO_8_TO_13: 165 mA
      VDDO_14_TO_15: 42 mA