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AMC1303E2520: Converting Manchester encoded bitstream output to analog

Part Number: AMC1303E2520
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: AMC1303M2510, AMC1300


Is there a chip that converts Manchester encoded bitsteam output from AMC1313E2520 to analog?

Thank you

  • Hi Hsin-Che,

    Unfortunately no - I am not aware of any simple device that would be able to decode the Manchester bit-stream and turn it into an analog output.  The Manchester bit-stream contains both data and clock information so the decoding process is usually done in an FPGA, microcontroller or CPU.  From there the digital data would is normally analyzed in the host processor. 

  • How about the non-Manchester coded version (AMC1303M2510)? Are there any chip that converts non Manchester codded bitstream into analog?

  • Hi Hsin-Che,

    The non-Manchester version provides an output that will have a varying percentage of one's and zero's depending on the magnitude of the input voltage to the AMC1303.  That being said, you could potentially add a simple low pass filter to the bit-stream and get back to the analog input, but the bigger question for me at the moment is  - why?  What sort of project are you working on?  If you need an analog output, why not use the AMC1300 (for example) instead?  The AMC1300 is an isolated amplifier so, analog in/analog out.

  • I am working on some sort of remote voltage measurement system. I want to convert an analog signal into a bitstream, send it through some kind of communication channel and convert it back to analog signal on the receiver side. The output must be converted back to analog as I want to be able to check output with multimeter or scope.

    What I need is the functionality of AMC1300 separated into two chips. Does TI has any parts/solutions like that?

  • Sounds interesting,

    You are better off with the regulator modulator type device then.  You would have to take the bitstream output, convert that, and then send it through a DAC to get back to analog.  Look for the SDFM peripheral on our C2000 family of digital controllers.

  • Do you mean there are no simple, code free device capable of bitstream to analog conversion. I would have to use a DSP/microcontroller with SDFM and DAC to do what I want.

    Is this correct?

  • That is correct, we don't have an autonomous chip that would take the bitstream and provide the recovered analog on the output.  The closest thing would be the isolated amplifier option I mentioned earlier, but you don't have access to the bitstream in that case.  What 'code free' communication channel are you expecting to use?