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AMC1210MB-EVM: How does this evaluation board output resolver data/information to a DSP?

Part Number: AMC1210MB-EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: ADS1204, ADS1203, ADS1202, AMC1210, , ADS1209EVM

My team is using an F28379D launchpad for motor controller for a PMSM. We need to read data from the resolver to achieve this. I’m trying to figure out a method to get speed/angle data from the resolver to the launchpad, and I found this eval board. Is it possible to connect this with the launchpad? I don’t actually see how this eval can communicate with a DSP. I see that it has JTAG; is this how it can communicate resolver info to a DSP? I don’t believe the launchpad has a JTAG connector, is there some work around for this? Is there another off the shelf TI product you can suggest? 

  • Hi Michael,

    The AMC1210MB-EVM has a processor on the board, it will not connect directly to a launchpad.  The JTAG interface is more of a code-debugging tool, so that would not help you.  Also, the AMC1210 device would not calculate speed/angle data directly.  The AMC1210 device is an SDFM (sigma delta filter module) that would take a digital bit stream from something like the ADS1202/ADS1203/ADS1204 delta sigma modulators and then convert that to a digital word.  The SIN/COS out of your resolver would go to the DS modulator, then the AMC1210, then process speed/angle through the DSP.  

    So - that being said, you can use the SDFM that is native to the F28379D device and bypass the need for the AMC1210 device.  You'll need to calculate speed/angle in your software.

  • I was afraid you were going to say that. Knowing this, could I use the ADS1209EVM to get resolver data? The 1209 is just the sigma delta modulator, so I believe I could still use the SDFM peripherals on the launchpad to dead the digital data and convert it to a speed/angle from the resolver, yes? Assuming this would work, the ADS1209EVM doesn’t have an excitation signal for the resolver like the AMC1210MB-EVM; how could I get around that? 

  • Hi Michael,

    Yes, you could use the ADS1209EVM to get the digital bit-stream from SIN/COS.  Then feed that into the SDFM on the launchpad.  Here is one potential option for the resolver excitation:

  • Thanks for this. Looking over the TIDA design, I have two questions;

    1. It looks like the TIDA can read the SIN/COS signals of the resolver and send them to ADC's on the launchpad via differential amplifiers. If this is the case, is there some reason to still use the ADS1209EVM? In other words, if I need the TIDA for resolver excitation signals from the C2000 launchpad, and the TIDA can have the SIN?COS input from the resolver, why would I want an extra board to use the C2000's SDFM peripherals instead of just using the ADC's on board?

    2. An off-the-shelf product is preferred if possible to streamline our project; is there a similar product to the TIDA that is off-the-shelf?


  • Hi Michael,

    For #1 above, all good points.  For #2, unfortunately I am not aware of anything 'off the shelf' and ready to go.  The TIDA-01257 tool folder does appear to have everything you need to build your own though: Gerber Data, BOM, even software.

  • Awesome, thanks so much for your help!