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MSC1213Y4: Programming and extracting the program

Part Number: MSC1213Y4

Hello E2E,

I am looking for information on the MSC1213Y4PAGR and how to program the part. In looking through the EVM user's guide, it does not go in to how to actually program the device or extract the program from it.  Are there any reference materials you can share on this topic?



  • Hi Russell,

    Way back in the day prior to the EVM being made obsolete, there was a CD-ROM included with the EVM with a variety of application notes and software for downloading the application.  Those tools are out of date unfortunately as operating systems have evolved.

    It is possible to program the device using a COM terminal (Hyperterminal, TeraTerm, etc.) following the information in the attached documents:



    Best regards,

    Bob B

  • Hi Bob, Russell,

    Thanks Russell in helping to open the thread.

    The thing is we have a few unprogrammed boards on hand, but no hex file to program it with. Is there a way to extract the hex file from an existing board and flash it into an unprogrammed one?

    Thanks in advance



  • Hi Azrul,

    Welcome to the E2E forum! Back in the day when we actually had EVMs for these devices we had application notes and software that was delivered on a CD-ROM.  One of these applications was called MSC_Monstr that had the ability to read the program flash.  This program is quite old and I'm not sure if it will even work on recent versions of MS-WIN operating systems.  Also, to be able to read any flash the security bit in the HCR0 bit must be disabled.

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    Another option that may be possible is to read the program flash (assuming that the hardware configuration security bit is disabled to prevent this very action by an end user, or in other words the HCR0 SBn bit must be set to 1.)  However this will be an incredibly painstaking action where the data once captured must then be placed into the Intel hex format.  The information is in the document I posted earlier as SBAA076B.

    In the serial programming and UAM monitor commands listed in Table 1 is CRnnnn which is code memory read.  The nnnn is the address to be be read and the response to the command will be 16-bytes of command memory beginning at the starting address. The Y4 version can have up to 16k of flash so to manually capture this data can be a very slow and painful process and prone to significant error.

    One you have captured the data as raw hex, you will need to place the data into the Intel hex format   An example format is shown in the same application note in Figure 1.

    It may be possible to create some sort of a script to somewhat automate this process and capture the data returned to a file from a console program or some other application (Python, Visual Studio, etc.).

    Best regards,

    Bob B