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DLPC910: drive DMD

Part Number: DLPC910
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DLPC900, DLP9000, DLP6500FLQ, DLP9000X, DLP500YX, DLP5500, DLP670S


      We know that both DLPC900 and DLPC910 can drive DLP6500 and DLP9000. Can DLPC910 drive DMDs such as DLP500 and DLP670 that can be driven by DLPC900?



  • Hi Sunny,

    Thanks for this interesting question! Let me assign this question to the appropriate person. They should be back in office January 3rd, so please allow a couple extra days until then for an answer. We appreciate your patience.

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  • Hello Sunny,

    Sorry for the long delay.  I have been out and also had some vehicle issues..

    First, be aware that the only DMDs that can be run by the DLPC900 or the DLPC910 controller are the DLP6500 variants (DLP6500 FYE and DLP6500FLQ).

    The DLPC900 drives the DLP9000 DMD, but the DLPC910 runs the DLP9000X DMD.  

    However the DLPC910 is only configured for the DLP6500 variants or the DLP9000X.  It will not recognize and is not programmed to run the DLP500YX, DLP670S, or the DLP5500 DMDs.


  • Hello Fixix,

            I saw that DLP9000 and DLP9000X are the same datasheet. I checked and found no other differences except for the voltage. Does TI have a comparison table for these two products, which makes it clear to me where the differences are. Additionally, if DLPC910 drives DLP9000, what problems will occur? Similarly, if DLPC900 is used to drive DLP9000X, what problems will occur? Thank you.

  • Hello again Sunny,

    If the DLP9000 is driven with the DLPC910 it simply will not configure, so you will get nothing on the DMD.

    I believe the same is true if you drive the DLP9000X with the DLPC900.  

    There are only two differences between the DLP9000 and DLP9000X:

    1. They require different controllers
    2. The DLP9000 operates at 400 MHz LVDS and the DLP9000X operates at 480 MHz.

    I hope that helps