Part Number: DLPC3479
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I am reviewing the industrial scanner using chipset below. 

-. (Master) DLPC3478 (Slave) DLPC3478 , DLPA3005 , Beam engine using DLP4710LC240620_Beam Projection Controller.pptx

The industrial scanner should be support the multi scan mode using various patter set configuration. 

Industrial scanners do not use a single pattern set due to material and environmental factors.

When a user selects a specific scan mode, the scanner projects different beam patterns with varying shapes, lengths, and exposure times.

However, downloading is not required to project different pattern modes.

In the TI GUI Tool, each time a different pattern mode is used, it requires a download and a power-on reset.

In industrial scanners, when a scan mode is selected in the Scanner GUI, the scanner should project the pattern corresponding to the selected scan mode. 

Q1) I think that out scenario is possible both external mode and internal pattern mode. Is that possible both external mode and internal pattern mode?

Q2) If it is possible , please explain how to make SW(or FW) to operate the desired multi scan mode. 

Q3) Are there any additional desing considerations needed in the hardware to support multi-scan mode? 

240620_Beam Projection Controller.pptx


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  • Hi Kim,

    The DLPC347x does not support changing the order pattern sets are displayed during run time without uploading a new pattern set. The best way I can recommend implementing would be via external pattern streaming mode, though you would have to write new pattern settings between each set which may increase delay between pattern sets.