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DLPC6401: DLPC6401

Part Number: DLPC6401


My name is Brian and I am going to work with the following reference design and I need to clarify the Frames Power Second it is capable of.   It says up to 120 Frames Per Second, but is that only for 3D videos.

It is my understanding the latest HDMI Format is capable of 1080p 120 Frames Per Second, but HDMI 1.4 or less only did 120 Frames Per Second with 3D Video.


Brian K

Portable, High Brightness HD Projection Display Reference Design using DLP® Technology


  • Brian,

    The DLPC6401 does not explicity state support for 3D anywhere, but it does support 120Hz input video. If you are interested in this particular chipset, I recommend you check out the DLPC6401 Display EVM, which is provided by a third-party manufacturer at:

    Meanwhile, the video specifications supported by the DLPC6401 can be found in the datasheet at:

    As an alternative to the 6401, you may also want to consider the DLP4710EVM, which supports 1080p@60Hz and 3D at sub-1080p resolutions:

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,
    Philippe Dollo

  • Rather than try to explain this, as I am trying to help and some of this is new to me, this is my clients response to your previous response.   All of this is based on the Reference Design outputting to the DMD operating at WXGA Resolution.

    Hello Brian. Thank you. Yes I think it is clear that the controller can do 120Hz video at native resolution, but they didn't specify if it can do at 1080p resolution.   (Note: I am actually not sure what he is referring to as it's native resoltion, unless he is referring to WXGA resolution.)

    So a 3rd party chip is going to be needed before the DLP Controller chip only if we need to convert "old" standard 60Hz SBS or top-bottom frames into 120Hz by cutting and resizing two frames for each eye from each frame and turning it into 120Hz from 60Hz. We don't need this.

    But it is unclear
    1) if the chip supports 1080p at 120Hz and can downscale
    2) if the chip supports the new 3d standard of 120Hz video without anything fancy, how to know the index of the frame to know which eye to block.

  • Brian,

    To clarify, for #1 the system does not have a video processing front end. This means that a front end chip is required to format the video for WXGA in 30-bit parallel.

    As for #2, there is some 3D support but the functionality is not supported in the DLPC6401 evaluation platform by default. The 3D function is detailed in Section 6.12 of the DLPC6401 programmer's guide.

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,
    Philippe Dollo