TI-API: Error ERR-TICOM-ORDER-API-GEN-0500 when creating a test order.

Part Number: TI-API
We want to use the new TI store order API and when creating the test order we get the following error:

errorCode                                ERR-TICOM-ORDER-API-GEN-0500
section                                  Generic
type                                     Validation
reason                                   We encountered a technical issue in processing your request.
message                                  The API is temporarily unavailable. Please retry, if the issue persists, Please contact TI customer support - https://support.ti.com/csm

Can you help us with this problem?

  • Hi Bernd,

    Looking at the test order requests coming from your account, it looks like you are receiving the vague 500 error due to a couple misspelled parameter names:

    • "Order" should be "order"
    • "checkoutProfileID" should be "checkoutProfileId"

    Those changes should relieve you of the 500 error, but there are a couple more things that will cause issues for you:

    • You've entered a Checkout Profile Name for checkoutProfileId instead of the 32-character Checkout Profile ID that is associated to your company account. From your  myTI dashboard Checkout profiles screen, you can copy the checkout profile ID by clicking the copy icon in the left column and paste that into your API request.
    • This will not cause an error because it is an optional parameter, but the parameter "customerOrderLineItemNumber" should be "customerLineItemNumber"

    I hope this helps. Let us know if you continue to have trouble.

    Best regards,


  • Now the API works. Thanks for help.

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