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TUSB522P: Placement for USB-C Design

Part Number: TUSB522P
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TUSB542, HD3SS3212, TUSB564, TUSB546

I found a USB-IF rated Passive USB-C cable from a Tablet to a certain "product" results in that Tablet enumerating to USB2.
But that Tablet enumerates USB3 when connected to a PC with the same cable.

Also, when a different Tablet is connected to this "product" with the same USB-IF rated Passive USB-C cable, that Tablet enumerates USB3 fine.

The USB-IF cable is 0.5m, and another cable is 0.2m. Both were tested with same result.

But I found when an Active cable was used, that Tablet which enumerated as USB2 with the USB-IF rated Passive cable, now enumerates as USB3.

I am led to believe the Tablet output signal quality is questionable, and adding the redriver in the active cable helped solve the issue.

The solution seems to be to add a redriver to the "product".


But the TUSB542 can't be used (0.4mm pin pitch) - this leaves a MUX (HD3SS3212) and a separate redriver (TUSB522P).

The question is this: to reduce the size and cost, can the TUSB522P be effective if placed not between the USB-C receptacle and MUX, but between the MUX and USB HUB/PHY/etc?

Does the TUSB522P need to be placed at the connector to be effective?

  • Hi,

    Instead using the MUX (HD3SS3212) and the separate redriver (TUSB522P), please take a look at the TUSB546 (host side) or TUSB564 (sink side). Both the TUSB546 and TUSB564 combine the MUX with the redriver function. This will save you from a 2 chips solution to a single chip solution. 

    Both the TUSB546 and TUSB564 are linear redriver with RX equalizer. For TUSB546, you want to place it closer to the connector. For TUSB564, you want to place it closer to the USB Hub or PHY. The purpose is to maximize the linear redriver RX equalizer as much as possible.



  • Hi David, the TUSB564 is 0.4mm pitch, which can’t work for this particular industrial application. Almost all these devices only have 0.4mm pitch.

    Ill tuck the info away though, it looks like the TUSB564 can support cable flip, routing the right signals through to downstream device.

    But industrial applications have more stringent requirements, and we need to look at the TUSB522P.

    Could you reply regarding my initial question about TUSB522P placement please...?


  • Hi,

    Can the TUSB522P be effective if placed not between the USB-C receptacle and MUX, but between the MUX and USB HUB/PHY/etc?

    Yes, there is no issue in placing the TUSB522P after the MUX.