DS100KR401: Issues with register 0x06 of repeater DS100KR401

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Part Number: DS100KR401


I’m working with the repeater DS100KR401 Ultra Low Power and figured out some issues. In my project repeater is connected with FPGA Kintex-7, and I sent data from FPGA to reaper via I2C Interface (I’m using MicroBlaze in my FPGA project).

So, when I try to configure repeater, I send the appropriate data to appropriate register as it is shown in Table 8 “SMBUS Slave Mode Register Map” using “Writing a register” instruction (DS100KR401 datasheet, page 19-20).

Everything seems fine but when I start writing 0x18 to a register 0x06 to disable Slave CRC mode (which should be done first, I suppose), after I send 8-bit data byte, the device (repeater) doesn’t drive an ACK bit “0”. Moreover, if I send another data to another register after that, the device would never drive an ACK bit unless I completely hard-reset the repeater.

I’ve read DS100KR4001 datasheet but don’t get what I’m doing wrong.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Best regards.

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