DP83867IR: Drive capability on LED

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Part Number: DP83867IR

LED is connected with LED_x pin on DP83867IR.
Could you please let me know how much current DP83867IR can drive the LED?

Please advise us.

Thanks and best regards,

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  • Hi Hattori-san,

    Can you please provide the VDDIO voltage you are supplying in your application? Are you looking to understand what is the maximum current an LED can draw from the LED pins or the typical current consumption of an LED using our suggested strap configuration?


  • In reply to Justin Lazaruk:


    My customer is using the following condition.

    VDDIO is 3.3V.  LED is LTST-C190KGKT-MH or LTST-C190KSKT-MH.   Strap configuration is Mode1.  

    How much max current does LED flow?  Also, please let me know the min resistor of current limit.

    Thanks and best regards,

  • In reply to Motoyasu Hattori:

    Hi Hattori-san,

    I'm sorry for the confusion. Can you help me understand what data you are asking for? I do not have the exact currently sourced by LED_0 in the schematic you provided. I also cannot provide a minimum current limiting resistor value. As the current limiting resistor value decreases, the VOH of the LED_0 pin will decrease as it attempts to source more current.

    Can you help me understand why this information is needed?