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LMH0307: LMH0307 schematic question

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Part Number: LMH0307


Our customer design the circuit according to the below application, but due to unfamiliar layout, he put the 75ohm//6.8nH far away the output terminal, and caused abnormal output.  He cut the trace and resoldered the 75ohm//6.8nH  closed the output terminal and could get to the normal output, so he judged the problem of the 75ohm//6.8nH part. So do you have any other solution to repair it? 

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  • Hi Kailyn,

    In order to have optimum output, we need these parts to be as close to the device as possible. Please attached note LMH0307 evaluation board gerber file. These components are placed as close the device as possible. Please ask this customer to follow layout noted in the attached document.

    Regards,, Nasser6013.SD307_gerber.zip


  • In reply to Nasser Mohammadi:


    Thank you very much, and the customer didn't follow the layout rule and placed these parts far away to the device, so is there any other way to repair it? Or could he only layout again?

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  • In reply to Kailyn Chen:

    Hi Kailyn,

    Unfortunately, PCB Layout is our only option. Please make sure customer closely follows the layout that we sent out earlier.

    Regards ,,, Nasser