DP83867IR: BSDL Model problem

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Part Number: DP83867IR

Hi team,

Our customer download two dp83867 BSDL Model from the official website 

dp83867pap.bsdl & DP83867_48QFN.bsdl

The following problems appear in use:

missing cell types :BC_ BIDIR BC_ ENAB BC_ IN

Does anyone know how to solve it

Best Regards,
Amy Luo

5 Replies

  • Hi Amy,

    I have not seen this issue before. Is this issue occurring for both versions of the device? Has this happened with other BSDL models you have tested?

  • In reply to Cecilia Reyes:

    Hi Cecilia,

    Thank you for your reply.   

    The BSDL files of other products do not have this problem

    Best Regards,
    Amy Luo

  • In reply to Amy Luo:

    Hi Amy,

    Can you please share the steps you are doing when testing the file and what details of the error are?



  • In reply to Cecilia Reyes:


    The error screenshot is as follows

    Best Regards,
    Amy Luo

  • In reply to Amy Luo:

    Hi Amy

    can you please share what the errors mean?