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AM26LV32E-EP: Can I run this at 24Vpp or is there a a better solution?

Part Number: AM26LV32E-EP


We are moving differential serial data busses into +3.3V single ended into the FPGA

Right now we've selected the AM26LV32E-EP.

This works perfectly for our 10Vpp bus however we have one bus that does 0 to 16V and another that can do 24Vpp. The legacy device a 26LS33 allowed for 30Vpp on the input voltage, the 26LV32 part recommends 14Vpp but does allow up to 28Vpp, however that is absolute max which increases risk of damaging the part.

So two fold question, how big a risk is it to be constantly running the device at 24Vpp, and is there any other solution that can allow for the high differential voltages?

I did try looking at some high speed comparators but the 24Vpp bus runs at a min of 1MHz, so couldn’t find anything quick enough that met the speed required.

  • David,
    I believe the AV26LV32E can safely handle 28Vpp differential input, IF the common mode is 0V.
    Note, in the ROC, that both the common mode and Vid have ranges of +/- 7V. This corresponds to the input ranges in the absolute max section.
    If the common mode is not 0, then this will violate the absolute max requirements, and stress the device.

    However, the AM26LS33AM33 is an active part and drop in replacement for legacy part (assuming same package). Or, do you require EP, or is mil grade sufficient?

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  • Wade,


    Thank you for the response.


    EP is a required for the Temp. -55 to 125. Do you have anything for this?

  • The AM26LS33AM33 is rated for mil temp. It is not plastic, only ceramic (CDIP, CFP or LCCC).

    I don't see any other options for direct replacement in EP.