We need the GB standards for the part number below

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The government of the People's Republic of China issued mandatory standards in China (GB standards) that set limits on the content of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other substances with the aim of preventing air pollution.

When subject products such as paints (including coatings), adhesives, cleaning agents, inks, etc. are produced in or imported into China, they must comply with the requirements set forth in the GB standards.

Therefore, these new regulations may impact on the supply of your products/components.

Based on above situation, we would like to inform you the information. 

Standard title

GB 30981-2020  Limit of harmful substances of industrial protective coatings

GB 33372-2020  Limit of volatile organic compounds content in adhesive

GB 38508-2020  Limits for volatile organic compounds content in cleaning agents

GB 38507-2020  Limits of Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in printing ink

We need the GB standards for the part number below:

TPS62743YFPT TPS62743 300mA High Efficient Buck Converter with Ultra-low Quiescent Current
TPS25200DRVR 5-V eFuse With Precision Adjustable Current Limit and Overvoltage Clamp
DRV2605YZFR Vibrator driver
BQ27421YZFR-G1D fuel gauge

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