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MSP432E401Y: MSP432E401Y and NDK and CFG control of TI-RTOS

Part Number: MSP432E401Y
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SYSCONFIG,

I want to get both CFG control of TI-RTOS and use the NDK under CCS (11.1.0).

I start with project: udpecho_MSP_EXP432E401Y_tirtos_ccs

The complaint arises:                      No XDCtools, equivalent to the specified version '3.61.999', are available - defaulting to ''.

Properties -> General -> Products -> Add   XDCtools 3.62.15_core (is my only choice)

Properties -> General -> Products -> Edit    Sysconfig to 1.11.0  (is my only choice)

Build Project runs clean, and the OUT works properly. IP assigns, Tasks look normal. All good with basic UDP Echo.

Now I add CFG file:

File -> New -> RTSC Configuration File, accepting default name and location.

It wants me to enable the already enabled XDCtools. Yes.

File shows up empty. Build Project fails. Lots of errors. 

Add line xdc.useModule('ti.posix.tirtos.Settings'); to CFG file. This is the only line in the CFG file. 

Properties -> General -> Products -> Restore platform to ti.platforms.msp432:MSP432E401Y

Project now builds with following 6 warnings: 

Build-variable 'COM_TI_XDC_INCLUDE_PATH' cannot be resolved.

Build-variable 'COM_TI_XDC_LIBRARIES' cannot be resolved.

Build-variable 'COM_TI_XDC_LIBRARY_PATH' cannot be resolved.

Build-variable 'COM_TI_XDC_SYMBOLS' cannot be resolved.

Build-variable 'COM_TI_XDC_SYSCONFIG_MANIFEST' cannot be resolved.

This project supports RTSC content but also references one or more RTSC Configuration projects. Only the project's own RTSC content has been used in building this project.


ndkStackThread is Terminated in BIOS_start() during Task_startCore(0)  during Task_SupportProxy_swap().

So, no NDK thread when the (essentially empty) CFG file is added to the project. 

 What else do I need to do (or undo) to get the CFG file to co-exist with the NDK?

  • Hi,
    I admit I'm not entirely clear about what you are trying to do but I have found anything to do with the syscfg tool does seem a little "tricky"!

    If you have imported the udpecho with TI RTOS example, you should already have a udpecho.syscfg in your project. If you open this in CCS, it should open with the config tool and let you change all sorts of stuff about your project (including NDK settings).

    It should also have created a project for TI RTOS - something like tirtos_builds_MSP_EXP432E401Y_release_ccs - in your workspace. Your udpecho project should link to the TI RTOS project as a Project Dependency.

    In the TI RTOS project, there should be a release.cfg and, if you open this in CCS, you should be able to fiddle with all the RTOS settings.

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi Brian,

    I believe Jim is correct here, you should be able to use the release.cfg in the dependent TI-RTOS project. Creating a new .cfg file is likely the cause. 

    Best Regards,
    Brandon Fisher

  • Thanks for the answer. Each project in workspace uses the same dependency, so I get one CFG file per workspace? 

  • I think you have jumped ahead of me on the learning curve! So far, all of my projects use the same BIOS settings.

    The TI RTOS user manual SPRUEX3V does explain some of the process, and I get the impression that it is possible to have multiple BIOS cfg files in the RTOS project, but I can't see where the parent project would pick which one it wishes to use. I can only see that it references the whole BIOS project.

    It might be easier to copy and rename the BIOS project in your workspace, then change the parent project to reference the new copy BIOS. They don't look too large.

    (Unless an expert knows otherwise!).