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[FAQ] AM263P4: Issues running out-of-box Networking examples on AM263Px MCU_PLUS_SDK

Hi TI Experts,

I am facing issues with AM263Px running out-of-box networking examples from the MCU_PLUS_SDK.

I see one the following issues:

  • My AM263Px device is not able to get an IP address assigned from my DHCP server.
  • Enet MAC Loopback test passes but the results of the layer-2 PHY Loopback test are not as expected.
  • My Enet Rx is not working properly.
  • Hi,

    • In case you are using PCB# PROCxxxE1 board and facing issues running the example:
      This is a known issue and is addressed in the user guide (section EVM User guide - AM263Px

    • In case you are using PCB# PROCxxxE2 board and facing issues:
    1. There have been some problems reported with initializing AM263Px boards with the CCS gel files. The gel files were unable to set PLL clocks correctly thus RX clock was not configured correctly, causing no frames to be received properly. The recommended way during debug and development is to flash the application appimage to the device OR Flash SBL NULL to the device, boot in OSPI boot mode, let the SBL initialization complete, then load the application binary to the core.

    2. With new updates in Syscfg there might be changes in device data. This is important as the auto-generated files from the syscfg files take this device data. This can cause wrong initialization of peripherals and the subsequent examples to not deliver the desired functionality.
      With new updates in CCS, there might be changes in the gel files which are used for initialization in some BOOT modes. Again if the initialization parameters are incorrect, the functionality can break.
      It is thus recommended to use the latest MCU_PLUS_SDK with the latest CCS and SYSCFG version. (For example, if you are using mcu_plus_sdk_am263px_09_01_00_20, use syscfg 1.18 and CCS 12.5).  
      Link to the latest syscfg:
      Link to the latest MCU_PLUS_SDK:
      Link to the latest CCS:

    Best Regards,