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[FAQ] Configurable Logic Block (CLB) - How do I get started?

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Question: How do I get started using the C2000 Configurable Logic Block?

    • Software examples in C2000Ware along with the CLB Tool User’s Guide
      • CLB Tool User’s guide: 
      • Note: the numbering of the examples is confusing.  The guide mentions this but it is easy to miss.
        • Basic examples are 7 – 15.  Start with these. 
        • More involved examples are 1-6.
      • These C2000Ware examples cover specific concepts to help you understand integrating the CLB into your application:
        • Example 7 – Has a companion application note -  Designing With the C2000Tm Configurable Logic Block
        • Example 8 – routing to and from the CLB and GPIOs
        • Example 12 – Shows how the CLB can override a peripheral output (in this case PWM) with another functionality
        • Example 13 – Shows the push/pull FIFO buffer for the HLC.  This is how the C28x and HLC can share information.
        • Example 1 – Shows how PWM signals can be routed through the CLB for modification
      • How to Migrate Custom Logic From an FPGA/CPLD to C2000Tm Microcontrollers  Even when not moving from FPGA there is some very good content here.  It discusses some of the SW examples in detail. I highly recommend reading through this even if no FPGA porting is involved.
      • In the PTO library – The Abs2Qep example – The CLB design is documented in detail so it is good example to look at.  It includes the K-maps for the logic.