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TIDM-02002: Voltage design of Bi-directional DC/DC solution for ESS

Part Number: TIDM-02002
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TIDA-00951, , C2000WARE, TIDA-010054

We will drawing a basic diagram of PCS. Using interface CAN to communicating to master controller module or EMS.
The conditionof DC-DC converter : High voltage: 400V, Low voltage:48V. Battery Pack voltage:36~53.4V.

ESS base on TI's solution

TIDA-00951 seems has no source code.
If it is still exist, could you provide us the source code or firmware? Or where is the sample code of TIDA-00951?
We want the function and voltage of design like as TIDA-00951.
Could you suggest the solution about Bi-directional DC/DC solution for ESS?
If TIDM-02002 could replace TIDA-00951, we want the workable solution at hardwre and software.
How to modify the value of second voltage connect the battery pack and battery module at hardware design and software?

  • I will allow my colleague to respond first on TIDA-00951.

    TIDM-02002 at a minimum would be need to reworked for new input/output voltages...Feel free to download the Digital Power SDK. The following folder has the CLLLC calculations: C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_DigitalPower_SDK_4_01_00_00\solutions\tidm_02002\hardware 


  • Hi,

    TIDA-00951 source code was removed from the webpage as it was only a preliminary code and it was not supported by standard C2000 controlcards. The power topology used in this design was not as efficient as CLLLC or DAB. So it is recommended to refer to these topologies featured in TIDM-02002 and TIDA-010054. However, as Cody suggested, both of these designs need to be reworked for your input/output voltage levels.



  • What is different form TIDM-02002 and TIDA-010054?

    We want to the action of battery charging and discharging. Battery pack default is 48V.

    Use TIDM-02002 and TIDA-010054. Which one design is best for PCS system? 

  • Hi,

    TIDM-02002 is a CLLLC power stage (a fully resonant topology controlled by frequency modulation), while TIDA-010054 is a phase shifted DAB (ZVS topology controlled by phase shifting of drive signals). For a PCS system, the phase shifted DAB may be a better option, as it can provide better operating range.



  • From CLLLC calculations: C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_DigitalPower_SDK_4_01_00_00\solutions\tidm_02002\hardware 

    We use calculation to meet our spec of  design. Could you provide any suggestion about result?

    Min Avg Max
    Vin 360 400 440 Volts
    Vout 36 48 53.4 Volts
    Power 2300 Watts
    Iin 6.388889 9.033888889 Amps
    Iout 63.88889 90.33888889 Amps
    RL @ Max Power 39.13043478 Ohms
    Primary Side Switches
    Coss_pri  258 pF
    Deadtime  100 nS
    Fres 500 kHz
    T 0.000002 sec
    For primary side ZVS Lm Limit
    48.4496124 uH
    Lm 25 uH
    Ln=Lm/L1 13
    L1 1.923076923 uH
    L2 1.3 uH
    C1 57.4 nF C1 theoretical 5.274E-08
    C2 82 nF C2 theoretical 7.8018E-08

  • It looks like you have filled out the excel sheet, I would recommend following along in the design guide as well. 

    Finally I would recommend to verify the calculations against scholarly articles. 


  • Could you provide the detail information about scholarly articles?

    These parameter on excel. What does it means and how to use parameter to meet design?

  • Paul,

    you'll have to go find literature on the matter.