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Updating firmware on F5529 via MSP-TS430PN80 USB

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Hi all,

I am trying to connect to the M430 F5529 microcontroller directly from my PC using the MSP-TS430PN80 USB board. I was told this was possible, however, when I plug it into a computer (tried on several operating systems), I always get a "USB Device Not Recognized" error from Windows.

When I plug it in via the JTAG FET board, Windows asks for the driver and finds it and installs it properly from the Code Composer Studio directory.

I know I must be missing something simple. I have read that if I plug in a blank chip while pressing S3, it should go into a bootstrap loader mode where I can update its firmware as an HID USB device. But it appears I am missing some sort of step in this process. Is the FET board always required? That doesn't make sense to me.

Any help/links on getting started would be much appreciated. Thanks!



  • Jon,

    have you installed the USB Firmware updater?

    Please download first the USB Developer package:

    and then you have to do basically 2 installations:

    - first install the USB Developer Package.

    - then you can find the installer for the USB Field Firmware Updater (Field_Firmware_Updater_Installer-1.1.3-Setup.exe) on the directory where you install the USB Developer Package. You shall then install the USB Field Firmware Updater.

    After starting the USB Firmware Updater, you have to first press the S3 button on the MSP-TS430PN80USB and then connect the USB cable. Connecting JTAG cable is not necessary for this case.

    Hope this helps

  • Hi all,

    I'm dealing with the same problem, but different platform: MSP-EXP430F5529

    When I try to get the BSL activated by pressing the button S4, the windows (XP) will see a USB device, but can not recognize (USB device not recognized) it. Using the same interface with the example FW "MSP-EXP430F5529_User_Experience" that comes distributed with the eval kit, then the same USB port works fine, e.g. as HID / CDC class. So I'm assuming that the HW itself works fine, but not the BSL mode. Do you have any ideas? Could it be that the eval kit has not the USB BSL code programmed? How do I check for proper USB BSL code?



  • Hi Daniel,

    The conditions to invoke USB BSL is described in this User's Guide,

    MSP430 Programming Via the Bootstrap Loader User's Guide

    1.3.3 Devices With USB
    Devices with USB are invoked when either of the following two conditions are met:
    - The device is powered up by USB and the reset vector is blank
    - The device powers up with the PUR pin tied to Vusb

    That is, you have to power up the chip while S4 is pushed.


  • Hi Tsuneo,

    • I connected my MSP-EXP430f5529 to my USB PC via 5529 USB port (on top right of experimental board)
    • I switched off my MSP-EXP430f5529
    • I pressed the S4 button
    • I switched on my MSP-EXP430f5529 (Power SEL to LDO)
    • I try to run a script with BLS_Scripter.exe provided by ti site

    RX_DATA_BLOCK_FAST are marked as DONE but when I try to run a TX_DATA_BLOCK fails


    Please lete me know where I made a mistake


  • Massimo Biancalani said:
    • I connected my MSP-EXP430f5529 to my USB PC via 5529 USB port (on top right of experimental board)
    • I switched off my MSP-EXP430f5529
    • I pressed the S4 button


    First press the button, then connect it with USB. The button needs to be pressed when VUSB is applied (by connecting the USB cable), not when the MSP is powered up.

    I'm not sure, but I think it is unimportant whether the MSP is powered at this moment. Next time the MSP is reset, it checks the USB module and sees the 'button was pressed on last USB bus power-on' flag set.

  • YES !!!

    the correct steps are:

    • switch the MSP-EXP430f5529 power selector to LDO without usb connection (of course the board remain switched off)
    • press the S4 button
    • plug the usb cable to 5529 USB port (on top right of experimental board)
    • open BSL_USB_GUI.exe
    • release the S4 button
    • select the firmware with BSL_USB_GUI.exe
    • push the button "Upgrade Firmware" in BSL_USB_GUI.exe


    that's all