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can't get output data from MSP430G2101 spy-bi-wire connection

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I am trying to use a spy-bi-wire connection to program a MSP430G2101 from another processor. I have followed the manual (slau320g.pdf) and example code, but I cannot get any output from the MSP430. Right now I am just trying to shift out the JTAG ID, but all I get is 0xFF. I can program via the FET debugger, so I know that the MSP430 is working. Is there anything obvious I should look at or anything specific to MSP430G2101 that I need to know about?

Thanks in advance.

  • Well, your problem is so generic that anything or nothing can be wrong. From a missing GND connection between the two MSPs to subtle (or less subtle) errors on your (undisclosed) JTAG code (e.g. timing problems).

    At least there is no known 'SBW works with all TI FETs, but not if someone else tries it' bug.

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