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Connecting multiple MSP-GANG

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We are using MSP-GANG to program MSP430F5341 devices,
We would like to know if it is possible to connect multiple MSP-GANG to a single PC.

Currently we have 3 MSP-GANGs and would like to know if there is any option
to use these 3 programmers(on a single PC) to program 24 MSPs at a time.
I have heard about Multi-FPA API-DLL in case of GangPro430(Elprotronics)
will it be supported for MSP-GANG also?


  • Hi Prad,

    The MSP-GANG was created in cooperation with Elprotronics and it should be possible to connect several to a single computer.  Just have multiple MSP-GANG Programmer GUIs open and ensure that each is connected to a different MSP-GANG (via com ports).  But to make absolutely sure about this, contact Elprotronics.


    Ryan M. Brown

  • Hi Ryan

    Thank you,

    I contacted Elpro and got the answer that we need to modify MSP-GANG.dll file to support
    mutiple programmers on a single PC.
    But currently they seems to be busy to prepare such DLL files.
    Can I assume that TI is not involed in building MSP-GANG GUI software?
    Is it possible to release such software(Multi programmer) in future?


  • Prad,

    There are no future plans to release multi programmer software in the future that I know of.  The DLL files will have to be modified as suggested by Elprotronics.


    Ryan M. Brown